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BUY & SELL is a leading firm of business managers and advisors with offices across the USA. Our company was established in 1995. Throughout our history, we have assisted individuals, progressive businesses, and community organizations, with a particular focus on the middle market.

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Since our establishment, most of our clients have become our returning customers.

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Our team consists of more than 40 qualified and experienced business consultants.

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Business Planning

We can create an efficient and reliable business plan designed to fit your company’s sphere of activity and industry experience.

Equity & Venture Funds

Our professional team will be glad to provide you with advice on managing equity and venture capital funds.

Strategic Growth

Our company provides a customized approach to advising clients looking to grow through acquisition.

Our working process

Free Consultation

First, we offer our clients a free consultation to find out the best possible solutions to their problems and discuss what we can provide.

Company Analysis

After that, we evaluate the clients’ company profile and assess its financial and economic potential to determine the best approach.

Business Plan Development

Finally, we develop the business plan for your company, which takes into account all important factors of your company’s market activity.

We provide tailored solutions for your business

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Meet Our Team

Calvin Fitzgerald

CEO, Managing Director

In his role as Managing Director, Calvin serves as a trusted business advisor to Business Owners, CEOs, CFOs and Boards of Advisors, driving value and accountability in the following strategic areas: succession & ownership planning, strategic planning, owners agreement structures, compensation planning, family business advisory & issue mediation.

Taylor Wilson

Sr. Manager, Tax Services

As a Senior Tax Manager, Taylor brings a wide variety of industry and public accounting experience to the firm. This experience includes corporate tax provisions, tax planning and compliance for corporate and flow through entities, as well as managing both federal and state audits. He is a well of experience in tax management, which is proven by dozens of client testimonials.

Josh Wagner

Sr. Manager, Assurance Services

As a Senior Manager of Assurance Services Department, Josh helps our team focus on developing and growing their skills and expertise. He also works closely with clients to ensure that their financial statements are accurate, organized and positioned as a tool for helping to achieve both short and long-term goals that are set in cooperation with our team.

Our Portfolio


Achieving Small Business Success

How do you define success? If you are a candidate, it’s the number of votes. If you are a student, it’s a passing grade. But for a small business owner, well, that’s never been clearly defined. To a small business owner, success could mean a double-digit growth rate, opening a second location, taking a vacation, or simply making payroll. There is no one single answer. Or...

Saving Your Customers During Crisis

We can write about how to run a successful business all we want, but those tips are useless when a business has to deal with a crisis. Deal with it the right way and the business is likely to save face and retain customers; take the wrong approach and customers are more likely to run into the arms of...

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